Brilliant Idea Books compiles a “start to finish” publishing plan for your book project. Our many years of experience in the book business taught us that planning and preparation are essential for any successful book publication. Almost every bad self-published book has suffered from the “I need this book out – yesterday!” disease. And while self-publishing is significantly faster than traditional publishing, it doesn’t mean hasty. Going with experienced book people who know what it takes to publish well will help pay-off with a great book package.

We are a hybrid model of publishing

Here’s how we differ from the traditional trade publishing model:

Brilliant Idea Books
Traditional Publishing
  • Author has copyright of his or her book.
  • Author owns inventory.
  • Author uses Brilliant Idea Books logo and ISBN publisher listing on book as his or her publisher
  • Author covers editorial, design & printing costs.
  • Author controls price, package, and release date.
  • Author retains receives all net sales income for the book.
  • Brilliant Idea Books lists book on Amazon and other book websites. And (as needed), can arrange for distribution/warehousing, sales & marketing, and publicity/marketing services.
  • Author has copyright of his or her book.
  • Publisher owns the inventory.
  • Publisher covers editorial, printing, sales, marketing, distribution, & publicity costs.
  • Publisher controls the book package – price, title, rights, release date and control of sales market – and keeps those rights as long as the book is in print and/or in e-book format.
  • Publisher pays % of sales in the form of a royalty.

How much?

Our fees cover early development of publishing strategy, working towards and confirming book package, bringing in dedicated freelance services for book including writing (if needed), editing, cover and interior design, printing, and appropriate marketing depending on needs of client. All freelance contractors bill the client directly.

Brilliant Idea Books produces a detailed quote for our unique service. Freelance contractor costs extra.

Once your book is released, your journey doesn’t end there

One of the side effects of working with us (and one you simply won’t find anywhere else), is how Brilliant Idea Books and the Seventh Avenue Literary Agency can work together.

Some examples:

We’ve helped self-published authors into the traditional publishers arena

  • Canadian Ultra Marathon champion Brendan Brazier, for example now has three books with Penguin in Canada and Perseus in the US
  • Canada’s most famous tax lawyers Paul and Phillipe DioGuardi are published by Harper Collins after originally self-publishing.

We’ve helped our clients expand their original self-publishing program internationally

  • Bill Bishop a veteran Toronto marketing guru has three publications with rights sold in over 10 countries
  • Jim Harris, former Green Party leader and technology speaker, has over 100,000 copies in print of his three business books.

Do we sound like a fit for your project?

Explore our specialties and meet the team, then get in touch and tell us what you need.