Virtually Perfect Business Etiquette


Dorenda McNeil, business etiquette

Virtually Perfect Business Etiquette: Workplace Tips for the Digital Generation covers the many aspects of how to survive (and thrive) while operating in the business world. This easy to read book includes chapters on Effective Networking, Top 10 Career-Boosting Tips, Dining in Style, Dressing for Success, and how knowledge of etiquette while using social media is increasingly important for all business people in every field.

Dorenda McNeil

Dorenda McNeil is a passionate and driven communications expert. With over 15 years of experience in public relations, and currently Senior Vice President at Counsel PR in Toronto, Dorenda possesses the quintessential attributes needed to be successful in the business, including her never-ending curiosity for current events, business and culture. She teaches a course on Business Etiquette at the University of Toronto Continuing Education program.

Publication: June 2015