NEW: The MIRROR Method Workbook: The workplace leader’s guide to ending dysfunction


Book: Mirror Method Workbook on ending workplace dysfunction

Coming Soon: October 2018

Print ISBN: 978-1-989141-00-7
eISBN: 978-1-989141-03-8

New from Marli Rusen, The MIRROR Method Workbook: The workplace leader’s guide to ending dysfunction.

If you’ve ever been knee-deep in conflict created by a manager, staff member, or customer creates, you know that it affects the entire team.

Some people quit, others get sick, productivity drops, and mistakes happen. Sometimes, even lawsuits get filed.

You know you need to do something—but what? And how?

This is where The MIRROR Method Workbook comes in.

Following on the success of The MIRROR Method, Marli Rusen brings you The MIRROR Method Workbook: The workplace leader’s guide to ending dysfunction.

It’s designed to help leaders, staff, HR professionals, and union representatives in any industry apply practical steps to detect, diagnose, and remedy workplace conflict in a fair and defensible manner.

The MIRROR Method Workbook also includes:

  • Forms for capturing critical incident information so that complaints are handled fairly and respectfully
  • Checklists for setting up and conducting formal reviews
  • Workplace conflict examples that show you all the steps of the MIRROR Method in action

With The MIRROR Method Workbook, you have all the tools you need to objectively and defensibly evaluate apparent, potential or reported dysfunction, and design remedies that are measured and balanced.

About the Author

Marli Rusen has extensive experience as a respected labor, employment, and human rights lawyer. She is also creator of the MIRROR Method, a practical six-step program for leaders to follow in the face of disruption and dysfunction. As a popular workshop leader, she’s frequently invited to speak on workplace respect and the MIRROR Method at in-house corporate events and industry conferences.