Do You have the DNA to Self-Publish?


There are many articles, blogs, websites, penned by a long list of experts telling anyone who will listen how self-publishing is easy and anyone can do it. And while there is some truth these claims, it is also equally true that not everyone should take the plunge. Here are five questions to ask before you think about entering this stage:

1. Do you have a plan or a roadmap for your book project?
2. Are you a sole decision maker or operate better by committee?
3. Do you have the patience to ride through the highs and lows of publishing?
4. Do you have the stamina to stay the course and not give up when things look bleak?
5. Do you have a long term or a short term plan for your book?

I have looked at hundreds of self-published books both in my role as a literary agent and as a book consultant. The vast majority have been penned by people who push the “send” button on the keyboard too quickly eagerly believing their book is ready to be printed. Most do not have a roadmap for the project. Most have not done any research about what they will do with the book after they send some copies to friends and family. Most think about marketing as a carton or two arrives at the door. Most send a few books out to the media and then lose the stamina to continue to do so when no one calls back. And most believe that bookstores will carry their book – isn’t that what bookstores do? – they ask.

I am not exaggerating. The publishing road is a long one and you really need perseverance and patience to see some success. Too many give up, eventually, when some planning or a reality check very early on would have worked wonders.
One of the key points to remember in self-publishing that is frequently overlooked – you are the author and the publisher. Are you prepared to do both? A publisher is a decision-maker and some people don’t have the fortitude to do that – every day.
In future blogs I will explore some answers to these questions for you to consider.
I’m not big on motivational gobblygook but before you consider the self-publishing approach – have a plan – both short term and long term. Take a look around our Brilliant Idea Books website or visit and explore our Publishing Roadmap option for some ideas on how we can help your next book project.