Head Games: Lessons Learned on the Road to the Olympics


Head Games by Ken Karpoff

Coming in January 2017

What does it take to achieve truly high performance?

Are there specific tricks or secrets? How does it really work? In Head Games, Ken Karpoff lays out his 40 years of observations of hundreds of Olympic medalists on their journeys to the Olympic Games: their successes, struggles, crises and failures. The resulting conclusions are startling.

The prevailing high performance narrative misses key concepts that are critical to achieving high performance. There are huge gaps in that narrative, and it ignores the risks that come with its pursuit.

The biggest gap in the narrative is the failure to recognize the existence, the power and the utility of the intuitive mind. And yet it is through the sophisticated workings of the intuitive mind that truly high performance is achieved.

KEN KARPOFF is a high performance consultant who works with Olympic athletes in both summer and winter sports. He has coached several World Champions and Olympic medalists, consults on high performance in all forms of endeavour, and acts as a high performance facilitator.

Ken competed in the 1988 Winter Games in biathlon.


Without One Word Spoken: 18 Life Lessons from Jacob

Without One Word Spoken

Now a Globe and Mail and Canadian bestseller, Without One Word Spoken is Ellen Swchartz’s second volume of life lessons from her son Jacob, who was born with a rare neurodegenerative disease. Jacon can’t speak, move, or look after himself in any way.  And yet, for eighteen years he has been able to bring joy, teach courage, and profoundly touch the hearts of all those around him.

Without One Word Spoken isn’t just the compelling story of a child’s miraculous life. It’s also a mother’s how-to of survival and joy. – Craig Offman, The Globe and Mail Newspaper

Ellen  Schwartz

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The Mirror Method: How to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction

The Mirror Methody by Marli Rusen

The Mirror Method: How to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction, by Marli Rusen describes her straightforward and practical six-step framework to help leaders gain an accurate reflection of their current workplace dynamics and address any dysfunction uncovered by their review.

Marli RusenMarli Rusen brings years of extensive experience as a labour, employment and human rights lawyer to her current work as a third-party educator and problem-solver.  Marli has effectively transformed her legal knowledge and understanding of workplace dynamics into proactive, practical and timely “tools” to assist parties with the informal and formal resolution of their complex workplace challenges and issues.

Virtually Perfect Business Etiquette

Dorenda McNeil, business etiquette

Virtually Perfect Business Etiquette: Workplace Tips for the Digital Generation covers the many aspects of how to survive (and thrive) while operating in the business world. This easy to read book includes chapters on Effective Networking, Top 10 Career-Boosting Tips, Dining in Style, Dressing for Success, and how knowledge of etiquette while using social media is increasingly important for all business people in every field.

Dorenda McNeil

Dorenda McNeil is a passionate and driven communications expert. With over 15 years of experience in public relations, and currently Senior Vice President at Counsel PR in Toronto, Dorenda possesses the quintessential attributes needed to be successful in the business, including her never-ending curiosity for current events, business and culture. She teaches a course on Business Etiquette at the University of Toronto Continuing Education program.

Publication: June 2015

Lessons from the Podium

Lessons from the Podium by Charmaine Crooks

Olympian medalist, IOC member, and founding member of the Ernst & Young (EY) Global Women in Business Advisory Council, Charmaine Crooks also founded NGU Consultants Inc in 1994. NGU is a global sport and corporate consultancy and management firm, providing strategic advisory services and capital raising for a variety of sectors.

Her new book Lessons from the Podium will be published by Brilliant Idea Books in Feb 2015


Never Smile at a Crocodile, Confessions of a Tax Traveller

Just released in September 2014 is Never Smile at a Crocodile, Confessions of a Tax Traveller, by Paul DioGuardi.

Ppaul Dioguardi Never Smile at a Crocodile

Paul DioGuardi, QC ( for Queen’s Counsel) is Canada’s most recognizable tax resolution lawyer. In nearly fifty years of practice, Paul has experienced the best and worst of the Canada Revenue Agency from both sides of the smiling crocodile’s jaws.

From the inside looking out, as a special investigator and then Department of Justice Counsel for the CRA; and from the taxpayer’s point of view, as Senior Tax Counsel at DioGuardi Tax Law, a national tax litigation law firm with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. DioGuardi’s insights and library of case files are unequalled in the practice of taxpayer resolutions.

Paul DioGuardi photoNever Smile at a Crocodile captures the spirit of adventure that inspired a young and promising lawyer to devote his practice years to tax. Mr. DioGuardi, an accomplished teller of tales, shares some of the adventures of a life which proves that tax, contrary to the popular misconception, is anything but dull. His anecdotes are intermingled with insights and advice on tax issues of relevance to all taxpayers .

Engage Me

Engage Me by Kevin Higgens

Engage Me will help you to ensure your team not only stays but thrives. The practical approach is based on attitude, skills and sales management disciplines – the three parts of this book.

Kevin Higgins

Kevin Higgins, CEO of Fusion Learning, takes pride in his great team and the sales performance improvements they help to make in their client’s organizations. Kevin describes himself as a “business person working in training, not a training person trying to figure out business.” Kevin’s book entitled Engage Me was published in October 2013.