Editing and Editors — Essential Services for Your Work

hiring and editor for your work

In the “good old days” book publishers had editors on staff that could mold and shape a manuscript into a publishable state. Sadly those days are gone as publishers operate on leaner staffing levels. Enter the rise of freelance editors. Not surprisingly this has been a big growth industry within book publishing. Many high quality […]

6 Essential Ingredients for Writing a Book

writing a business book

Writing a book brings concepts and ideas to light that most business authors never even consider. Some are practical while others are like a big splash of reality. Consider author, consultant and business coach Kristi Hedges (www.thehedgescompany.com). She wrote a powerful business book The Power of Presence a few years ago and wrote about her […]

Keys to Writing a Non-Fiction Outline

writing a non fiction outline

This post, the second in a series on the Fundamentals of Self Publishing Your Business Book, tackles the sticky question of non-fiction outlines. To outline or not to outline… I suspect a few business people have the innate ability to apply the same logic and clear thinking used in their business when they sit down […]

3 Approaches to Defining Your Business Book Concept

writing a business book

What do I want to say in my book? This can be the biggest obstacle out of the starting block for any writer. For some people it can take years to describe their book concept and in many cases it never does get clearly defined. Ideas swirl around, scrawled notes on Starbucks napkins get left […]