Top 10 Mistakes Self-Published Business Authors Make—Over and Over


1. Poorly designed and executed cover Nothing screams amateur author like a poor book cover. Self-published business authors are just as guilty of this as self-published fiction writers. It just breaks every rule in the book business—or any kind of business—to produce a substandard product. Get the cover wrong or worse publish a poor unattractive […]

State of Business Book Publishing—2016


I was telling a good publishing friend the other day that for my agency business, my customer base has dwindled to about half of what to was even 5 years ago. My customers are trade publishers – some multinationals while others independently owned – and this list seems to suffer casualties each year. It’s the […]

Write your book in 40 hours! Really?

Writing Bestselling Books

I receive a ton of e-mail from all segments of the publishing industry. Trying to keep on top of what’s going on can be a full time job.  In addition I selectively subscribe to entrepreneurial events related to small business.  These are the places where Brilliant Idea Books can be most helpful and where we […]

6 Essential Ingredients for Writing a Book

writing a business book

Writing a book brings concepts and ideas to light that most business authors never even consider. Some are practical while others are like a big splash of reality. Consider author, consultant and business coach Kristi Hedges ( She wrote a powerful business book The Power of Presence a few years ago and wrote about her […]

Keys to Writing a Non-Fiction Outline

writing a non fiction outline

This post, the second in a series on the Fundamentals of Self Publishing Your Business Book, tackles the sticky question of non-fiction outlines. To outline or not to outline… I suspect a few business people have the innate ability to apply the same logic and clear thinking used in their business when they sit down […]